Website access

Access to the global oneM2M compliance scheme is available to all organisations wishing to certify the oneM2M functionality of their product, this includes members of GCF as well as non-members. In 2019 there will be no fee associated with the usage of this website for certification of the oneM2M functionality of a product.
oneM2M compliance declarations will not be public available but are accessible to GCF operator members.

Information for companies which do not hold GCF membership:

Use to register for a oneM2M user account. 
Operators not currently GCF members would need to apply for GCF membership.

To find out how GCF membership can benefit your organisation, get in touch here: Contact GCF

Information for GCF members:

Please access the oneM2M webpage via the GCF website
oneM2M compliance can be included as part of the standard GCF certification process for a product. GCF certified products would then automatically be listed as certified on the oneM2M webpage.  Alternate option is to use the oneM2M webpage to submit a oneM2M declaration for a product.